Beijing Commune

Founded in 2004, Beijing Commune is now located in 798 Art Factory, Beijing. Its initial programs were mainly group shows exploring various currents in contemporary art while now it primarily focuses on solo shows to carry on the in-depth research. Beginning with a core list of established artists, the gallery has maintained an unparalleled awareness of developments in the community, and has responded by infusing young artists and new topics of discussion into the program. It fosters a space where the most influential figures in the Chinese art scene including Zhang Xiaogang, Song Dong, Yin Xiuzhen, Hong Hao, Xiao Yu, Liu Jianhua, Hai Bo and Wang Luyan have launched their watershed solo exhibitions in their careers, while simultaneously serving as the incubator for emerging artists including Fan Shuru, Hu Xiaoyuan, Liang Shuo, Liang Yuanwei, Ma Qiusha, Shang Yixin, Song Ta, Wang Guangle, Xie Molin, Zhao Yao and Zhou Yilun, who are here free to create the new vision of Chinese contemporary art. In 2018, Beijing Commune held Richard Deacon’s first solo exhibition in China.

798 Art Zone, Chaoyang District, Beijing