Ginkgo Space

Founded in 2014 Beijing, as an art gallery whose vision focuses on the ecosystem of Asia contemporary art, Ginkgo Space's mission is to provide active support to artist’s processes of developing and gaining greater perspectives on their artistic practices. With our collaboration, we hope to build the artist’s reputation and widen their international recognition. Our exhibition program is aimed at exploring and discovering the artistic practices that define our cultural identity, through which we are committed to setting up platforms for profound dialogues between the artists, critics, curators, and audiences of contemporary art.

65, 798 Art Zone, Chaoyang District, Beijing


Shen Chen III: Untitled/The works since the 2000s


This exhibition presents 13 unique works and 8 color studies of Shen Chen’s “Untitled” series from 2004 to 2019. Untitled No. 97-04 from 2004 marks his shift from criss-crossing marks to all-over vertical lines painted with custom-made flat brush on canvas. It has been the major visual language in his abstract paintings since then —— a formal expression with sense of absoluteness deeply rooted in traditional Chinese calligraphy, a set of marks pointing towards the inner space within himself. Pure verticality stretches the boundary of the two dimensional space to infinity. Layer over layers, space within spaces, time that expands, experiences accumulates, forms rewritten, action reveals, all moderated by a rational set of mind. At the same time, lines meet in order, color put down with thoughts, negative space comes forward, layers begin to add depth, all help cultivating the souls of the works. During the repetitive making process, the ego of the artist retreats and the sight of the audience expands. Here, retreat means nothing of escapism, but a place of reflection upon the turmoil of reality.