Long March Space

Long March Space was founded in Beijing's 798 Art District in 2002. Working closely with China’s most important artists of different generations, Long March Space has established a unique programme, a diverse showcase of exhibitions, with accompanying publications, and a consultancy service for private and corporate collections throughout China and the world. As China's most experimental commercial organization, the Space's practice transcends the institutional category, seeing art through the perspective of a visual political economy—including in terms of productivity and production relations, and its superstructures and economic foundations. Within a market environment constantly in flux, Long March Space has generated a unique methodology that includes a curatorially initiated working method, long-term research- and production-based collaboration with the artists, and a creative comprehension, construction, and cultivation of the art market. 

Main First Street, 798 Art Zone,  Chaoyang District, Beijing

“朱昱:静音”海报 5.6.jpg

Yu Zhu: Mute


Mute, Zhu Yu’s third solo exhibition at Long March Space, will open on Thursday May 21, 2020. Visitors will enter through the newly-renovated gallery entrance into a symmetrical space leading them through the artist’s painted world, comprising twenty new artworks created in the past five years.