Platform China Contemporary Art Institute

Platform China Contemporary Art Institute was founded in 2005 in Beijing, and moved into 798 area in the end of 2015. Platform China is an experimental and open platform. As a finder, pusher and participant of art, Platform China focuses on the promotion of the art practice and the construction of the art ecology, continually promoting the international communication on contemporary art. 

D07 Main 2nd Street, 798 Art Zone, Chaoyang District, Beijing


Liu Gangshun: A Personal Anthology


Platform China is previleged to announce that Liu Gangshun's latest solo exhibition " A Personal Anthology " will be launched on May 22, 2020. It will be academically hosted by Lu Mingjun and will continue until July 5, 2020.

In addition to the literal meaning, " A Personal Anthology" is bound up to present Liu Gangshun's internal logic about self-generation and discourse output. His works create a collection of the relationship between subject and information. On this level, we can see the artist’s unique methodologies, they are sometimes clear, sometimes puzzled, even chaotic and wayward, but we will find a generous and wonderful Liu Gangshun eventually.


Bi Jianye: Returns


Platform China now proudly announces that we will put out Bi Jianye’s solo exhibition Return at 22/5/2020 in dRoom. This exhibition includes many series of his work, and present in many level of his recent years exploratory practice. He will transfer the complicated feeling of the reality into clever image metaphors and thematic narrate. His work includes emotional content and sporty form symbolize his personal progress on painting. The exhibition is curated by Wang Jiang, and will continue to 20th June.