Space Station

Space Station was founded in 2009, which also known as “Space laboratory”, it aims to serve as a platform for receiving, processing and spreading of information, and tries to explore much more contemporary art possibilities, promotes the contemporary art practice and words proceeding in a wider scope . It is a contemporary art institution with independent judgment, experimental, professional and intellectual productivity, which supports to the exploration in a variety of ways, such as the literature publication, project execution, exhibition planning, etc.

No. 4 Road, 798 Art Zone, Chaoyang District, Beijing


Li Yang: Dream Catcher-A Fieldwork about Dream


For many years, Li has faithfully recorded all his dreams in the form of scientific investigation; completed Juvenile Dream series, as well as Dreaming and Painting Growth series inspired by other people’s dreams. He, as a dream catcher, depicts images that appear in every dream in a large and detailed way, and archives, classifies, summarizes and organizes them. We can think of dreaming as a form of human perception in the sense that subconsciousness is not communicating with you through an articulate language system, but restoring a more real experience of the world of beings through images, feelings, and emotions. Deploying fragments of dream, absurd plots, and strange narratives, subconsciousness uncovers the veil of the labyrinth of words and points directly to the inner.