Triumph Gallery

Triumph Gallery was founded in 2007 in 798 Art Zone of Beijing. We believe in artistic expression of the human condition as a way to understand the world, and we support the artists to develop their artistic language. Our current focus is on Modern and Contemporary Fine Art from China. This is our expertise as one of the few early galleries in the Chinese art market that are still active. From the beginning, we have been supporting artists and were instrumental in developing their careers. This is how we have gained the trust from collectors, whom we help to build excellent collections. If you want to understand art and the art market in China, you need to come to Triumph Gallery. Our proven expertise in Chinese Modern and Contemporary Art is our foundation. Currently we are expanding our expertise into Western art history, particularly to Postwar period, and help open up this experience to our clients. 

A-05, 798 Art Zone, Chaoyang District, Beijing


Zhang Dan: Eco-theatre


This exhibition showcases the latest works by Zhang Dan from 2019 to 2020. The artist demonstrates the internal connections between everything in the ecosystem, using varied media such as easel paintings, installations and images for their spontaneity to facilitate communications of concepts while exploring the meaning behind a certain concept.

Zhang Dan approaches the world from a multi-angled, multi-layered and crisscrossed perspective. Interactions and meaning orientation between collage of fragments and references to forms of matter and their metaphors occur in both reality and virtuality. The set of intersections forms an ever-changing, growing organic life. Using objects, forms of matter, and certain connections as starting points, the exhibited works manifest the artist’s unique cognition of the world in terms of ecology, life existence, and monuments.