Song Art Museum

As a private art museum, Song Art Museum is planned and set up by Mr. Wang Zhongjun, who is the founder and Chairman of Huayi Brothers Media Group. Sitting beside the Wenyu River, Shunyi District, Beijing, Song Art Museum was officially opened to the public on Sept. 27, 2017. The establishment of Song Art Museum can not only present the precious collections of Mr. Wang, who has collected arts for dozens of years, but also provide a new platform and opportunities for art research and creation.

Song Art Museum will push forward the development of Chinese modern art, and participate in the exchanges with International modern arts (projects) by orderly hosting a series of high-quality exhibitions coupled with collection, research, education, publication and public events, thus building a brand-new art complex and a unique cultural landmark in Beijing.

Song Art Museum, Shunyi District, Beijing

Tel: +86 10 8416 5822