Tokyo Gallery is the first contemporary art gallery in Tokyo founded in 1950. From the 1960s, the gallery pioneered in introducing series of Western avant-garde artists such as Yves Klein, Pollock to Japan. The gallery also supported experimental projects by Japanese artists, including Jiro Takamatsu, Kazuo Shiraga, Taro Okamoto and Mono-ha; all now internationally-renowned. Tokyo Gallery introduced their artworks to international audiences. In the 1970s, the gallery began working with Korean artists such as Kim Whangki and Lee Ufan. The gallery also started exhibiting yet-unknown Chinese artists, including Xu Bing and Cai Guoqiang since the 1980s. In 2002, the gallery opened a new space BTAP in the Beijing 798 Art District. Inheriting the pioneer spirit and currently operating as Tokyo Gallery + BTAP, the gallery continues its mission on discovering and promoting both established and rising artists.


We Will Meet Again: TOKYO GALLERY + BTAP 70th Anniversary 


We’re proud to announce that from May through August, 2020, TOKYO GALLERY + BTAP will host its 70th anniversary special exhibition entitled We Will Meet Again in its Beijing locations. Seventy years have passed since the founding in 1950 of TOKYO GALLERY, the first gallery in Japan and Asia to devote itself to contemporary art. Hence, the year 2020 will see a series of exhibitions held in TOKYO GALLERY + BTAP’s two locations, aimed at commemorating the gallery’s 70-year existence. TOKYO GALLERY + BTAP’s Beijing locations will kick off this highly meaningful year with the 70th anniversary special exhibition entitled We Will Meet Again. Artists who’ve previously collaborated with TOKYO GALLERY since the time of its founding, including Xu Bing, Cai Guoqiang, Huang Rui, Sui Jianguo, Song Dong, Ding Yi, Liu Xiaodong, He Yunchang, Wang Shuye, Ye Jianqing, Zhu Jianzhong and Zeng Jianyong will be invited to take part in this exhibition, resulting in a total of over 80 artworks ranging from painting and sculpture to installation and video works.