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Li Yushuang: Solo Exhibition


Asia Art Center announced that "Li Yushuang Solo Exhibition" will be held from May 16th to July 5th 2020, presenting the latest works and early masterpieces of artist Li Yushuang. Curated by Fang Zhiling, this exhibition comprehensively combs the results of Li Yushuang's artistic exploration for more than 60 years, thus for this time it will display more than 30 works including oil painting, ink painting, sketch, manuscript and other forms. 

As an 85-year-old artist of the older generation, Li Yushuang is one of the few artists in the art world who regards sketching outdoors as a part of life and insists on taking nature as the subject. The background of science and engineering knowledge has prompted him to integrate perspectives of natural science while sketching, thereby forming a unique set of observation methods and painting systems, which is as Li Yushuang called "light coding method". With a sight of detached secularity, he observes at the mountains and rivers of the world. His landscape showcases a natural charm of Chinese ink painting, which seems innocent while self-contained, with both changing colors of light and shadow as well as flexible and dynamic brushstrokes.