Jia M. Hui: "We need art to express ourselves and record the moment." | Story of the Collection

About Jia M. Hui

Mrs. Jia M. Hui was born in Beijing and grew up there in the 1960s. In 1987, she began living and working in Sydney, Australia, staying five years. In 1992, she helped Mr. Collin Beer mount his solo photography exhibition Australia Landscape at the National Art Gallery in Beijing. In 2006, she assisted a friend in the opening of Being 3 Gallery in the 798 Arts District and, in 2015, supported Mr. Peng Xiaoyang in the opening of DRC 12. As a VIP, she has attended Art Basel, Art Basel Miami, the inaugural Art Basel Hong Kong, the Armory Show NYC, Frieze London and Frieze Master, Paris Photo, Kassel Documenta, among other events. She has visited the studios of countless artists and the homes of many private collectors. In 2019, Mrs. Jia received an invitation to join the board of trustees of the Hammer Museum (decision forthcoming). 

Associated with Art

I’ve made good friends –

artists, scholars, collectors, and art lovers 

Art connects us all

I’m not really a collector. But in the decades since my birth, I’ve been fortunate to have an association with art. Art and artworks have become a part of my life – a key means for enlightening my own personal aesthetic.

Especially over the last 20 years, I’ve benefited greatly from paying attention to contemporary art. Through exhibitions, academic essays, art festivals, seeing collections, and other things, I’ve made good friends – artists, scholars, collectors, and art lovers. Art connects us all.

Art collection and appreciation entail a gradual accumulation of experience. Through colors, materials, shapes, etc., we can open another door to observe the self and the world, and find many different methods and forms that present our daily life, as well as our emotional and spiritual worlds. The act of looking at art is similar to appreciating a bottle of high-quality perfume or a glass of good wine. From the artwork, we can understand the relationship between ourselves and the world more directly and vividly. From the artist’s creations, we can see infinite possibilities, even emotions and spirits that we usually cannot express properly (limited as we are by our own skill set).

Collection Story

Three Works From An Artist

I have collected "my favorite artist"

I have been following the female artist Ju Ting since 2013. I found this piece called “Untitled” during the annual exhibition associated with the Yishu 8 Award, which was sponsored by Hermes to support young Chinese artists. At that time, Ju Ting was pregnant and she said she would not create for some time going forward. Although I liked another piece she made at a friend's house, I bought this one since it was the only one left.


Image courtsey of Jia Minghui

In 2015, Star Gallery held the exhibition Correspondance: Ju Ting Solo Show in Qikeshu Creative Park. I was interested in a dazzling green piece, but the gallery said that the artist didn’t want to sell it, so I had to give up. By accident, I met Ju Ting through a friend's introduction and went to her studio, where I had a pleasant chat over a cup of tea. However, there was no work I found suitable at that time.

In 2017, I collected Pearl – which was created in 2015 – and met the gallerist Fang Fang on another trip to Star Gallery. Fang Fang gently described his views on art and corrected my more paranoid views about collecting. Since then, we have become friends who can talk freely about art.


Image courtsey of Jia Minghui

This is a new piece I bought last year. There’s an apparent change in this painting. Then Ju Ting went to Australia for an art residency.


Image courtsey of Jia Minghui

I chose Ju Ting because I like her natural and plain expression, the character of her and her husband Mr. Qin, and also her values and artistic concepts. I have collected "my favorite artist.”

Tips for New Collectors

The more diverse collectors are in their acquisitions, 

the more active the art market will be

1. Depending on your environment and economic status, it’s best to find a professional gallery to discuss a plan for collecting. The experience of a reputable gallery is worth learning from. Visiting art fairs is a very efficient way to accomplish this, as these fairs will introduce you to many galleries at once.

2. Lots at auction houses and solo exhibitions in art museums show the direction of investment.

3. Systematic collection can be more in-depth and coherent (i.e. collecting a certain type of work, a certain period, or even certain artists).Art history and experienced collectors are the best teachers.

4. Decorate your home according to personal preference.


In short, the more diverse collectors are in their acquisitions, the more active the art market will be, and the more creative artists will be when they receive support. The value and effects of art are obvious. Whether we’re talking about the Renaissance or the modern era, or from the Han, Tang, and Song Dynasties through today,  these times have a common lesson (despite their vastly different contexts): people need art. We need brilliant, comforting, imaginary, and even decadent art to express ourselves and record the moment.