Taikang Special Exhibition
  • China Landscape: Selections from the Taikang Collection 2019

    Taikang Insurance Group will present “China Landscape: Selections from the Taikang Collection 2019” from 21st March to 5th May 2019. The exhibition is the third time we show Taikang’s collection publicly, which addresses significant issues of contemporary Chinese art, including literature, art, and politics, history and reality, tradition and contemporality, form and language. It will bring more than 70 works made by 55 artists from three generations. The exhibition will also show more than 200 pieces of archival materials since 1940s to present. “China Landscape” applies an unique curatorial method to approach the collection which is different from a chronological one. It juxtaposes multiple clues and examines complex relationship between revolutionary art and contemporary art, in order to spread out the systematic blueprint of Taikang's academic research and collection focusing on the 70-year development of Chinese art since 1949. The collected works could be regarded as the evidence of Taikang’s special institutional position in the ecology of contemporary art.

    Curator: TANG Xin

    About Taikang Collection

    Taikang Insurance Group Inc. is the first financial enterprise in China to have launched its own contemporary art collection. Led by the sustained effort of Taikang Space in building the collection, even in its initial stages it is an art collection system significant in both art-historical value and scale. The collection houses a variety of works representative of different developmental stages in art history, including influential works by iconic artists.

    The first Chinese art collection to propose a systematic approach to collecting, Taikang’s endeavour in collection and research spans early modernist paintings and photography from 1930s China, early red revolutionary art, socialist realist art produced between the founding of People’s Republic of China in 1949 and Mao’s passing in 1976, and prominent contemporary works from China. The Taikang Collection re-examines the origin and the fundamental historical framework of Chinese modern and contemporary art, and maintains a growing archive of primary art documents, which are subsequently shared by Taikang Space or other professional institutions in a variety of forms including exhibition and publication. The Taikang Collection is also the first institutional collection in China to exhibit publicly. Its most recent public showing was at Fusion: Chinese Modern and Contemporary Art since 1930s, the inaugural exhibition at the Wanlin Art Museum of Wuhan University, Wuhan, in 2015; the previous and first iteration was at Image, History, Existence: Taikang Life 15th Anniversary Art Collection Exhibition, held at The National Art Museum of China in Beijing in 2011.

    In 2015, Taikang collection was selected as the only case study of corporate art collection from Chinese mainland by the jury committee of 2015 Global Corporate Collection published by the German Standards Press worldwide. Gauging the collective opinion of jury committee with experts from various fields including economics, culture, media, museums and auction houses, 2015 Global Corporate Collection has featured a total of 81 companies in the globe by their excellency in the academic standards, collection characteristics, and collection scales. In addition to the Taikang collection, it also includes JP Morgan Group, UBS, Deutsche Bank, and Shiseido Collection in Japan, among others.

    About Taikang Insurance Group

    Founded in 1996 and headquartered in Beijing, Taikang Insurance Group Inc. (formerly known as Taikang Life Insurance) is a large insurance and financial service conglomerate. The company operates through three main businesses: insurance, asset management and health and elderly care. As of 31 December 2018, Taikang had managed over RMB 1,400 billion of assets.

    Guided by the "market-oriented, professional, rule-based and internationalized" philosophy, Taikang is dedicated to its "Great Health + Internet" strategy. Through its 3,900 nationwide distribution channels, online platform as well as 700,000 employees and sales representatives, Taikang aims to create an O2O health ecosystem driven by the "Four- in-One" business model featuring "vibrant elderly care, high-end medical services, premier wealth management and ultimate end-of-life care" , providing integrated services from insurance to asset management, health and elderly care. Committed to becoming a global leader in insurance and financial services, Taikang also strives to offer more assured, accessible and affordable insurance services to help clients live healthier, wealthier and longer lives, making Taikang a part of people's happy life. 

    Taikang Insurance Group has a number of subsidiaries which include Taikang Life, Taikang Asset, Taikang Pension, Taikang Community, Taikang Health and Its business scope covers a wide range of fields, such as life insurance, online property and casualty insurance, pension, enterprise annuity, asset management, health and elderly care, health management, commercial real estate and offshore businesses. Over the past two decades, Taikang has served a total of 225 million clients and has been ranked among "China's Top 500 Companies" for 14 years in a row. In 2016, by acquiring from Sotheby nearly 8 million shares with USD 230 million, Taikang held 13.52% of the company and became its largest shareholder. In 2018, Taikang Insurance Group was listed in the Fortune Global 500 list, ranking 489th with a business income of US$24.085 billion, marking Taikang's entry into the ranks of the world's largest insurance financial services group.

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