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    Announcement Gallery Weekend Beijing 2019
    Gallery Weekend Beijing is pleased to announce its third edition, opening on 22 March 2019. After a rewarding second edition in March 2018 that saw a vast national and international audience visiting the exhibitions prior to Art Basel Hong Kong, GWBJ is determined to build on the success and render the platform an internationally significant contemporary art event. For the first time, GWBJ will launch the Visiting Sector that invites a small number of exclusively selected national and international galleries to work closely alongside the local galleries and institutions. Furthermore, the Up&Coming Sector and the Public Sector will be dedicated to emerging Chinese artists and outside installations, respectively. With the participation of approximately 30 galleries and institutions, GWBJ wishes to enable an artistic and cultural exchange between Beijing and the relevant movers and shakers of the national and international art world. On a global level where boundaries increasingly blur into new fields of opportunities, this exciting venture seeks to eliminate creative limits and to connect Beijing’s artistic potential to the global contemporary art hubs. An attractive framework program and an exclusive VIP program for the VIP clients, and an introductory and educational program for the public will aim to tailor the needs of each and every visitor and create a meaningful art experience.
    Gallery Weekend Beijing VIP Days: 22-24 March 2019
    Gallery Weekend Public Days: 26- 29 March 2019